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When is International Penguin Day

International Penguin Day is always the same date, the 25th of April.  It is the annual migration of penguins.

When is?

In 2018 it is on Wednesday


Animal and environmental organizations deliver various messages every 20 January and 25 April to raise awareness about the conservation of these endangered birds
This World Day of the Penguin is celebrated on Wednesday, January 20, an instance that also has a second date on April 25.

According to Global Penguin Society (GPS), this day was established to raise awareness about the preservation of this species, with events that take place in different countries.

For example, every year at the Disney Club there are activities for children linked to this day and presentations are made in the United States on how to interconnect science and marine conservation.

The government of Belgium, for its part, organizes events with representatives of the world of science and specialists in marine conservation in Antarctica.

Likewise, animal organizations such as Greenpeace are calling to celebrate World Penguin Day by trying to protect their homes. The same is the organization

In social networks the hastag #PenguinDay is used


- These birds can dive to a depth of 565 meters. Deeper than any other bird!

- Most penguins can move at a total speed of up to 6 to 12 km / hr underwater, however the fastest penguin can reach remarkable speeds of 36 km / hr

- Penguins are good listeners. You can find a member of your family in a crowd of 80 thousand of them.

- They spend 75% of their life at sea.

- On land, penguins use the tail to maintain balance in their typical upright way, and are also able to move quickly by jumping with both feet, or "slide" on their bellies on slopes and on the frozen ground to save Energy.

- All penguins have a natural camouflage against predators. The white front of a penguin hides them from the predators that lurk from below and their black backs hide them from the top predators.

- They are able to drink salt water because they have a special gland inside their bodies that filters the excess salt out of their bloodstream. This allows them to live around the bodies of salt water, since they do not need to have fresh water nearby.

- If a pair of penguins loses their egg, they can try to "steal" the egg from another couple. This almost never works because of the proximity of the male or female to the egg.

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