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When is International PI Day?


International Pi Day is a mathematical celebration about the constant irrational number PI: 3,1415

when is International pi day?

When is?

It is every year celebrated always the same day the 14th of March (the month 3 and the day 14).


It was founded by Larry Shaw.

Thousands of people celebrate the day of the Pi number today. Although the date coincides with the birthday of Albert Einstein, the reason for choosing March 14 for the celebration is found in his Anglo-Saxon writing: 3/14, which is the value of this famous mathematical constant.

Throughout the day the followers of number Pi will meet to comment anecdotes about this issue and exchange commemorative postcards and cakes. Computer applications have been developed that accurately calculate the age of a person in Pi years and other people gather to recite all the digits that are known by heart. In addition, because the first six figures of the constant are 3.14159, the peak moment of the celebration occurs at 1:59 hours.


The House of Representatives of the United States approved in 2009 the celebration of Pi's day and urged that colleges and institutes carry out activities and encourage their students to study mathematics.

Another day marked in the calendar of the lovers of mathematics and Pi is on July 22 of each year. The fraction 22/7 results in 3.142857 ... a number very close to the real value of pi. That is why every July 22 the "Pi Approach Day" is celebrated.


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